First Giveaway: League Start

I am very excited about league start and its to the point I can’t even get any damn sleep. We are days away...
Path of Exile Guild

Guild Meeting Tonight: Purge

We are having our guild meeting tonight: We will be discussing a few things for 3.9
Path of exile 3.9

Get Ready For 3.9

I am completely excited and I am sure the guild is excited as well. I will be getting all info from everyone...

Da Fellowship Turn Up Time!!!

It’s that time again!!! The New League isn't That Great...Yeah, we knew Borderlands was coming out.

We Practicing Until League Start

Yessssss Sirrrrrrrrrr We in here everyone We are all excited that the league start...
Path of exile blight

Leveling On League Start Together

Group Progression for 3.8 League Start - 2-6 Man Group I can't take any credit for this guild but it works out...

How We Craft Like A Boss

As you may know, we are always working together to make your POE lives much easier. However, we can’t do that if...

Our Post Starter List

We have come up with some of our members who have a general idea of what they will be playing. If you...

How We Metamorph League Start Together

Join in the main lobby between 1-45 mins early so we can go over all the details. We have a lot...