‘The Last Man on Earth’ sequel gets a $20M start at the U.S. box office

  • July 1, 2021

The Last Man On Earth 2 is a $30M film that will start the weekend with $17M.

It’s expected to come in around $20 million for the four-day weekend.

That’s the second best opening for a Disney film ever, behind The Jungle Book.

The film will make around $25M domestically and $28M worldwide.

It is the second Disney film to break the $50M mark at the domestic box office.

The Jungle Bums also made $50 million domestically in 2017.

“This is the year that the world finally sees what we do,” said James Wan.

“And the movie that we made is a big step forward for our franchise.”

The Last MAN ON EARTH 2 is the fourth Disney movie to debut with a worldwide gross of $100M or more.

The Disney film has made $1.2B in North America, $1B in Canada, $3.2 billion internationally and more than $300M internationally.

The Lastman on Earth 2 also opens this weekend in Russia and Korea, where the film is expected to make around 1.6B.

The last two films in the franchise, Jungle Book and The Jungle Chronicles, were directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson.

The first two films were released in 2011.

The sequel, which stars Channing Tatum, is set to start its domestic run on July 17.

Disney/Pixar’s The Last man on earth sequel is expected on the same day as the other Disney films.

The movie is currently playing in more than 90 cinemas around the world.

Disney said it has had a “tremendous” response from fans.

The company also announced its new lineup for its July 7, 2018 release, which includes Beauty and the Beast, the Frozen film, and a new live-action film, The Jungle.

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