Theatre of the future: The Ayrleys Grand cinema of tomorrow

  • July 24, 2021

Ayrley Grand Cinema, a futuristic theatre in the heart of the city, is about to become the world’s first high-end cinema.

It will have the capacity to seat 60,000 people.

Its owners have said they will be able to open it in 2020, but it may take up to four years to complete the upgrade and make it a reality.

Its owner, Ayrshire-based Cinematos Group, has been trying to build a cinema in India for over a decade.

Its aim is to offer cinema at a fraction of the cost of cinema in the United States.

But it has struggled with many hurdles, including regulatory issues.

It is currently a public housing complex in south India, and its owners have not been able to raise funds to finance the renovation.

The building is located in a densely populated part of the area.

It is in a residential area and has a population of about 5,000.

The project is being funded by the city’s Urban Development Corporation (UDC).

Its first phase will be the first phase of a six-storey structure.

Its cost is pegged at Rs 10 crore.

Its goal is to have its theatre open by 2021, but the project is yet to be awarded a green light.

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