Join in the main lobby between 1-45 mins early so we can go over all the details. We have a lot we going to be doing the first week and don’t want anyone missing out. Please download Excellence

We are a guild and together we make the experience of playing the game much better. That’s why we don’t text… we actually speak to one another. Here are a few components I need everyone to take seriously because if you do not help the guild. Then the guild does not want

Humility Card Farming

A lot of us don’t need the cards and some of you need them. Howeverever if we all throw our cards in the bank we will have more than enough tabbies for everyone.

Loreweaving Stunning

Everyone in the guild please…please add a damn unique ring in the Loreweave tab. If you are trying to make your own loreweave we don’t mind giving you one out the Loreweave tab. If everyone plays there part everyone can have a Loreweave.