Group Progression for 3.8 League Start – 2-6 Man Group I can’t take any credit for this guild but it works out very well for us and here is a link to the original guild from 3.6

Time Goal: 4:00:00 for Act 10 Kitava kill. 24 minute per Act average.

3.8 Team: Grey (A) & ShakCentral (B). Purple Highlight = Either Player


“Swirl” = Click the blue button on your party member’s portrait. >>

^^ Read the note for swirl mechanics before you waste portal scrolls, jabronis

“Tag” = Damaging the enemy before teammates enter to lock it to single-player health. 

“TP” = Portal Scroll, “WP” = Waypoint

Act 1

– Start & kill Hillock. 

– Buy needed gems & search town for MS boots and appropriate 2 or 3 linked gear.

– Run Separate Coasts. Swirl to first at WP. Separate Mud Flats. 1st to Submerged start Tidal 

– Last to Submerged Swirl & make new Tidal. Kill Hailrake(s).

A trade QS to B. B run Ledge WP, A to Flooded Depths skill point. Tag, Swirl, kill (no TP).

B to Prison, A farm. Swirl LowerP WP. First to UpperP run Brutus, other does Trial and TP. 

– TP, tag Brutus, Swirl. Brutus runner get Trial. Run separate Prisoner’s Gates.

– 1st to Ship G.Y. run to Cavern, other run Allflame skill pt, then to Fairgraves and drop TP.

– Cavern runner drop TP at Mervail, start, tag her in Phase 2, Swirl. Then both kill Fairgraves.

– Should be level 10 if possible before moving on. 

Target Time: 24:00

LEAGUE START TIP: MACROS! Check here for how to install AutoHotKey & run the Logout Macro script. Once up & running, press F10 for menu. 1st, unbind logout macro. This will send you back to queue on Day 1. 2nd, find the “/hideout” macro & rebind it if needed. 3rd, change one of the editable commands to “/invite ___” & enter your teammate’s character name. You can now go to hideout & invite your party member with 1 keystroke. 4th and finally, change another of the editable commands to “/exit” and bind it with your usual logout macro button. This will take you to character select without removing you all the way to the login queue on launch day.

Act 2

– Both run Southern Forest. At town, A goes right, B goes left.

–  A to Crossroads; drop TP in Fields for Den finding.

B to Western WP > Town > TP near Den. Each run Den.

B to Weaver, A to Chamber Trial. Kill Weaver, then Trial.

A Fidelitas, B to Oak. Kill Oak, both run WP. A open Vaal Ruins, B town > TP for Fidelitas gem.

A to Kraitlyn, B to Vaal Ruins orb. TP at orb, kill Kraitlyn.

A TP orb, run Crypt. B North Forest > Caverns WP, leave TP North. A farm North if delay.

B TP Trial, both to Alira. Get Skill pt if desired (Can be done in <30 seconds after story).

– Higher lvl run Vaal, lower lvl farm Northern. Swirl and kill Vaal.

– Should be level 19 if possible before moving on.

Target Time: 48:00 

LEAGUE START TIP: Buy 2 3-socket Weapons and place them in your weapon swap. Purchase highly-played gems to place in those sockets (e.g. Storm Brand, Molten Strike, Ele Hit, etc). These gems will level and provide a nice trade payoff at max level for no extra effort.

Act 3

– Higher lvl run Crematorium. Lower lvl farm City of Sarn.

B run Tulman, A run Trial, TP. Swirl Tulman, B Swirl Trial.

– Each run Separate Sewers, Marketplace.

A run Catacombs, B run Battlefront, TP at WP, run Solaris.

A TP at Trial, go Battlefront > Docks.

B TP at Solaris WP, then Trial TP, then have A give Docks TP & Swirl. Finish quest & open sewers.

B run Piety, A run Gardens WP, run to Sceptre door & drop TP, then farm Docks.

Swirl at Piety, then B take Sceptre TP, run Dom.

A run Gardens Trial, TP, farm Docks. Swirl Dom, kill, B TP for Trial.

– Should be level 29 if possible before moving on.

Target Time: 1:12:00

SPEED TIP: Once you’ve bought your most important support gems, funnel your alts into your Den-reward Quicksilver. You are looking for the suffix “of adrenaline,” which will add even more MS during the flask effect! This cannot be rolled on the Hailrake flask due to ilvl requirement.

Act 4

– Separate Aqueduct. High lvl to Dried Lake, lower lvl farm Aqueduct.

Swirl to Voll TP. Higher lvl run Mines, lower farm DL.

Swirl to Mines 2. Swirl skill point. Higher lvl run Veins WP.

– Run Normal Lab. 

B Kaom, A Daresso. First one to boss tag and other person Swirl, then repeat. 

– Higher lvl run Belly > Piety and solo, other guy farm best zone (Kaom?), TP to dead Piety.

– Higher lvl run Harvest, collect organs, solo Mal to phase 2 ⅔. Swirl and both kill last ⅓.

– Should be level 36 if possible before moving on.

Target Time: 1:36:00

LEAGUE START TIP: Start planning for the -30 resistance that will come at the end of Act 5. As this is the last Act in the game with no Trials, spend any vendor downtime working on resists for your gear. Also, do you have an instant life flask? Look for Seething or Bubbling  to gain access to a very important, instant burst of health when you need it.

Act 5

– Separate Ascents. First to device TP for Swirl. Separate Pens, first to boss TP for Swirl.

– Separate Overseer’s Tower. TP Swirl to Miasmeter. Tag boss and TP Swirl

– Higher lvl run Templar Courts, lower farm Square.

Swirl lower person at Chamber O.I, run separate Chambers.

– First to Innocence start solo, other farm. Swirl during last add phase, go to town after.

– Anyone run Torched Courts to Square WP, Swirl other. Other run Ossuary, leave TP!

– Non-Ossuary runner run Reliquary for skill pt, then Ossuary for Staff.

– Ossuary guy solo Kitava ‘til he climbs up for red beam. Only need knockdown for credit.

– Should be level 40 if possible before moving on.

Target Time: 2:00:00

ANYTIME TIP: Start spamming those prophecies! Between lvl 35-40, you can start getting the Jeweller’s Touch prophecy, allowing you to create a guaranteed 5-Link. There are other prophecies you can get that will sell for decent amount (see Act 6 tip), so spend those silver coins!

Act 6

– Check res. If gems needed, run TStrand. If belt or HP needed, run Tidal – no tag needed.

– Higher lvl runs Mud Flats while lower farms anywhere. Tag + Swirl the farmer for Eye.

– Separate Karui Forts. Higher lvl to Tuko, TP & tag. Other leave TP at Ledge zone & Swirl.

– Higher lvl > Prison WP, Swirl. Each make own, whoever finds stairs runs, other TPs at Trial.

Swirl farmer to Brutus once he’s in final phase. Lower lvl rush forests, other run Goat skill pt.

– Ideally, Riverways WP and Goat phase 2 same time. Swirl to Goat. Brutus runner get Trial.

– Higher lvl > Wetlands > Spawning Ground. Other > Southern > Caverns. Swirl skill pt, then Flag.

– Separate Caverns > Beacon. Lower lvl farm while other does pillars.

– Higher lvl run Reef while lower farms. Swirl for final Burger King phase.

– Should be level 46 if possible before moving on.

Target Time: 2:24:00

LEAGUE START TIP: Side hustle! People want to offset the -30 res setback. Set a stash tab to public & 2 Chaos buyout. Put the following in tab for easy $$ : 1) Items w/ life & 2 res, or high life & 1 resist 2) Life + MS boots 3) Prophecies 4) Vaal skills. If you know more about the economy, make 1C, 2C, 10C, 1Ex tabs and cosplay as Scrooge McDuck.

Both of you should be similar level. Swap running/farming back and forth. A and B will now be used interchangeably; communicate to decide responsibilities.

Act 7

A run Broken Bridge and find Locket, TP. B get Crossroads TP and Swirl to Locket.

A to Chamber, B to Fellshrine > Crypt > Trial.  B Swirl to Chamber WP, A Swirl to Crypt.

A run Trial and TP, B run Crypt 2 for Map and Swirl or Town & TP for Trial.

A farm, B run Sanctum > Maligaro’s Workshop. A Swirl after both adds are dead.

– Separate Chamber 2s. First to Trial runs it, drop TP while other runs Den WP. Swirl Trial.

– Separate Dens. First one out runs Ashen Fields, other farms. Swirl when Gruest is tagged.

– Either run N. Forest to Dread Thicket. Swirl, A get bugs, B run Causeway and TP @ end.

– Bug runner > Gruthkul, Swirl after tag. A (whoever got bugs) runs Vaal City  > Temple of Decay.

– Other gets bugs, farms. Tag Arakaali & Swirl.

– Should be at least lvl 49 before moving on.

Target Time: 2:48:00

Act 8

– Run separate Woody Harrelsons  Ramparts.

– Start planning for Cruel Lab. If you’re strong enough, can do it now. Level 55+ to be safe

– Run separate Toxic Conduits. First to Cesspool run Doedre while other farms. Tag & Swirl

– After Doedre, A go left, B go right.

A run G.Promenade > Bath House WP! > Lunaris Concourse WP. Swirl to B (see next)

B run Quay, pick up Ankh, find Res. Site. Tag for A Swirl

B GrainG. (Skill pt) > Imp. Fields > Solaris 1 WP > Solaris 2. Drop TP on prompt, Swirl to A.

A run Lunaris 1 > Lunaris 2, Tag boss & B Swirl. B finish run to Solaris boss, Tag & A Swirl.

– While B runs Solaris, A run Lunaris Concourse to Harbour Bridge. TP at boss door & farm.

– Either player tag boss, Swirl, do the thing.

– Should be at least lvl 55 before moving on.

Target Time: 3:12:00

LEAGUE START TIP: Know your team’s plan for A9, A10, & early Maps. Are you in HC? Discuss farming Blood Aqueducts to higher level & then cruising through 9 & 10. Do you both want or need Tabulas? I hope you like going Northwest and Southeast a lot. Are you SC pushing maps asap for currency? Don’t waste any unnecessary time in BA outside of the advised farm time. Know your plan and execute.

Act 9

B farm BA. A run Descent > Vastiri Desert > Foothills WP. B Swirl Foothills WP, run Boiling Lake.

A run Tunnel, leave TP when Trial visible, run Tunnel WP. B Drop TP, tag, A Swirl to B

A run Quarry WP, B run Tunnel Trial, TP and back to farming B.Aqueducts. 

A Swirl to Trial, then run Refinery. Tag boss and TP. B Swirl. A Swirl to B for Quarry WP.

A farm BA, B run Belly and 3 bosses (A not required). 

B to Depraved Trinity, TP, Tag. A Swirl.

– Should be at least lvl 58 before moving on.

Target Time: 3:36:00

ANYTIME TIP: Use multiple loot filters! The loot filter you use for Acts 1-5 should be different than the filter you use in Act  6-10, which should again differ from a maps filter.

You don’t want to see BBG wands or wisdom scrolls in T10 maps. 

Act 10

B to Cathedral Rooftop > Apex, TP, A Swirl. A farm B.Aqueducts or appropriate zone.

B run Cathedral > Oriath Sq. WP > Torched Courts > D.Chamber. TP, Tag boss, A Swirl.

B deliver Staff to Bannon in town, run to unlock Canals, A Swirl to Square WP, unlock Canals.


– A2 Western Forest skill pt if necessary. Ensure all Skill point-granting Quests are turned in.

B go Grain Gate, Swirl A, then B go A5 Square & do Reliquary skill pt. A do GGate skill pt.

A run Bath House Trial, TP for B after Reliquary. A run High Gardens to Yugul. 

Don’t TP at Yugul til B gets Bath House Trial. Then TP, tag, Swirl once Yugul in final phase. 

– Either run A9 Scorpion skill pt, other run A9 Quarry skill pt.

– Either run A10 Control Blocks, other runs Ossuary Trial. Dual TPs, Tag boss, Swirl.

– Start planning for Merc Lab. If you’re strong enough, can do it now. Lvl 68+ to be safe.

– Either run Canals > Trough while other farms. TP at Kitava and Swirl in last phase.

– Should be at least lvl 62 before moving on to maps.

Target Time: 4:00:00