It’s that time again!!!

The New League isn’t That Great…Yeah, we knew Borderlands was coming out.

We are going to have a Blight Party Event for active guild members.  So a few things I have planned for us this Wednesday as follow:

  1. 10 EX Giveaway
  2. Uber Lab Run Contest
  3. Stack deck raffle
  4. Blight Map Rota

10 Ex will be giving away through different ways all evening and night…

Everyone that shows up will receive 10 stack decks at some point of the night we going see who has the best RnG Queen or King

With Uber Lab Rub Contest, we will all do the run at the same time.. the man with best enchant hit will 5 Ex for that helmet.

More details to come just wanted to give you guys a little information on the event.