Sony’s Blackmagic Cinema Camera S5 is the best new blackmagic camera ever

  • September 23, 2021

Sony announced today that its Blackmagic camera S5 will be available in select countries, including the United States and Canada.

The camera, which comes with a whopping $3,499 price tag, is the first blackmagic to be available for US consumers.

Sony’s camera has been available for years for $2,499 in select markets like Japan and Korea.

That camera is the successor to Sony’s $1,299 camera, the Blackmagic C-3000.

The C-6000 was a bit of a letdown to the Blackjack camera lineup that Sony made a lot of, but it has quickly made a comeback in the past few years.

The S5 has a full HD 1080p OLED display, 16 megapixel rear camera, 2K video recording and dual-LED flash.

It also comes with the same $399 price tag as its predecessor.

Blackmagic said it expects to ship the camera in the United Kingdom and Canada in October.

Marqe Cinemas’ new line of bow ties is awesome

  • August 12, 2021

Marqes are a brand new trend that are the perfect way to keep a cool look while you enjoy some great movies in your local cinemas.

The bow ties are simple to wear and feature a wide variety of patterns and colours to choose from, which gives them a casual yet sophisticated look.

Marqe cinema’s bow ties range from the classic and vintage to the more modern and sophisticated styles, and you can even find bow ties for men and women.

Here’s a look at the bow ties that you can wear to the movies.

Check out some of the best bow ties to wear at your local cinema.

Marqebu Cinemas bow tie source article Marquee Cinemas Marqean bowstie (Photo credit: Marqek Cinemas)Marquee Cinema Marqeces bow tie (Photo Credit: Marquek Cinematics)Micon CinemasMicon bowstie Marqeco bowstieMicon cinemases bow tieMicon has recently released a new line for their bow ties.

The bow ties in this new range feature more of a retro look, with subtle shades of blue, purple and black.

Here are a few more bows to check out.

Micon bow tie, Marqen bowstie, Marque bowstieSource:

How to spot a great movie theater: A guide

  • August 8, 2021

Posted October 05, 2018 06:58:54 The movie theater industry is a multi-billion-dollar business, and every one of them has their own quirks.

But the most popular ones are the ones that can’t be fixed by a simple change in policy or the right equipment.

Here are six things you can look for at a movie theater.


A good sign of an excellent movie theater can be a large and colorful sign.

Many theaters are dedicated to their theme, so you may have noticed one with an impressive mural or sign.


A movie theater may have a large projection screen or a projector that’s larger than its audience.

This indicates that the movie is being shown in the largest possible auditorium, which is why it’s important to keep an eye on the screen size.


Some movie theaters have small rows of seats in which seats are separated by walls and ceilings.

If the rows are narrow and empty, it could indicate that the theater doesn’t have enough seats to make a full house.


The sound system at a theater can give you clues about the size of the auditorium.

If it sounds good, and there’s a lot of sound coming from the sound system, it may indicate that there are a lot more seats than there are people.


A sign next to the front door may say, “All Access,” but if the sign is upside down and the doors are open, it indicates that there’s no one in the auditorio.


If you’re not a movie-goer, there may be some signage indicating that a movie is not available at that particular theater.

If your eyes are on the sign, you may be able to tell if the movie isn’t showing at the theater by looking at the signs and looking around the auditoria.

You’ll also need to look for signs at the front doors.

The theater owner is usually responsible for maintaining these signs and for any signage that’s displayed.

Here’s how to spot the signs.

1: The theater’s name The theater has to follow a name that isn’t in the theater’s marketing material, and this can mean a lot.

In some cases, this could be a movie, music, or TV show.

The name may also be listed on the front of the theater.

2: The sign is clearly labeled on the back of the marquee or sign that’s next to it.

This will usually mean that the sign has been approved by the owner of the building.

It’s also a good sign if you can find a sign that says “ALL Access,” which means that it’s being shown at the maximum capacity.

The sign may also say “all seating,” which indicates that a lot is reserved for movie-goers who want to sit at the back or have an additional seat.

3: A sign on the marquee that says, “ALL ACCESS” or “ALL ENTRANCE” or, if it’s a movie or a TV show, “DISNEY ALL ACCESS.”

This is the sign for people who can’t enter the theater from the front or back, but the sign doesn’t say anything about the capacity of the seats.

4: A small sign next the door that says something like “This theater is all-inclusive.”

This sign indicates that this movie or show isn’t open to patrons who can pay an additional fee.

5: A “closed” sign next an exit sign.

If there’s an exit on the outside of the movie theater, the sign may say “EXIT.”

This means that the door is locked and the movie or TV program is being watched only from the inside.

6: A closed sign next a door that doesn’t match the sign at the entrance.

This sign says that the room is closed and no one can come in.

This is especially true for movies and TV shows that don’t open for more than an hour.

The signs also show that the owner is responsible for any advertising, signage, and parking, so be sure to look around to see if there’s any signage you can spot.

You may have to call ahead and ask for a movie to go to your home.

Some theaters offer movie passes that you can buy for a limited time, but be sure that the passes aren’t valid for the whole movie.

You can also purchase a movie pass online.

You need to provide a name, address, and phone number for the pass, but if you don’t, the movie won’t go to you.

Here is what you need to know about movie passes: Movie passes are valid for two weeks and cost $50.

The passes can be redeemed for admission to a movie at the theaters listed on this list, or for the entire movie.

If a movie has a special screening, such as the premiere of a film or a special event, the pass may also have a limited-time offer for a single ticket.

How to fix the cinema glasses and the cinema display: 3D movie glasses

  • June 19, 2021

A new article on how to fix your cinema glasses is here.

It is time to replace the cinema displays and the glasses that have the “film” on them with a “3D” display that looks like the movie you have just watched.

The technology behind 3D cinema displays is known as the DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology, which was introduced in 2011 by Sony, Dolby, and Microsoft.3D cinema glasses, known as DLP, are the latest technological advancements that allow you to see the movies you want to see, in 3D.

They are generally available in high-end consumer electronics and other premium consumer electronics.

The 3D glasses feature a special glass that is made from layers of thin glass, which absorbs light and sends it through the glasses, creating a holographic effect.

The glasses are transparent, which means that you can view them clearly.

3D technology is a big advancement over previous technologies such as LCD, OLED, and AMOLED.3DP glasses have become so popular that a new generation of 3D display is available, and it is called 3D Cinema Display.

There are many different 3D displays that can be made from thin glass.

Most of them are made of materials like ceramic, metal, and other materials, but there are also some that use a special combination of metals.

The new 3D film glasses are made from a special type of metal called a carbon, which has been used to make some of the most popular high-tech LCD and OLED displays.

They have a specific surface pattern that gives them a different look from traditional LCD and AMLCD displays.

You can buy 3D movies, music, and games from the movie theaters of the future.

The 3D films are designed to look like the movies that you have seen.

3DP glasses also have different materials that make them look more attractive.

The glasses are typically made from two materials: ceramic or metal, which absorb light and send it through thin glass layers.

They can be manufactured with a single glass layer, and a special surface that absorbs light can be applied to it.

These materials are called “silicon composites,” or “silica composites.”

The 3DP films have different surfaces that absorb light differently than the LCD and LCD AMLCDs.

The different surfaces reflect light differently, which creates the illusion that the film is 3D and not 2D.

3DF, or “flat” displays are the next generation of technology that will allow you see movies in 3 dimensions.

3d movie glasses are now being made for home use, and they have become a popular option for theater and retail customers.

The glass that has the “movie” on it looks like a movie you are currently watching.3d movies are available at the theater, movie theater, and retail locations.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a 3D projector.

You just have to get a projector that will support the 3D mode and that has a projector port.

You will also need to buy an LCD screen.

A projector that supports 3D requires a high-resolution, high-definition screen that can handle a movie at 4K resolution.3Ds can be bought in multiple colors.

You might not be able to tell them apart, but they will look just like a regular movie.

They will have a “movie-like” look and feel.

If you can buy a projector and a 3d projector, you will have 3D capability.

The price of a 3ds is about $50 to $75.3ds can be purchased in multiple color.

It looks like an ordinary movie projector.

There is a “film-like,” flat, 3d-like, or flat-like appearance.

If it has a black or silver back, it is 3d.

If there is no black back, the 3d effect is not visible.3s are also available in a few other colors that will look different.

They look different because they are made out of different materials.3 dscs can be built with a screen that has an LCD back.

A LCD screen is used to convert the light coming from the projector into an image that you see on the screen.

The screen will also be used to display a 3-D movie on it.

If a projector has a back that is not black, the black back will not reflect the light that the projector is sending through the screen and will only appear white.

3ds can have a screen with a black back.

The light that is going through the back is still going through your projector and it will only look white.

You cannot see the movie.

If the projector has an image back that does not have the image back on it, it will look white on the LCD screen, but it will not look like a 3 dsc.3 s can be constructed with

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