Cinemas, cinemas, cinema cafe, cinemax in Shenango Valley

  • September 7, 2021

The Shenango valley is home to some of the most exciting cinema experiences in the world, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a more unique cinema than the one at Shenango’s Cinema Cafe.

Located in the former theatre site of the iconic Shenango Theatre, the cafe features the likes of The Twilight Zone, The Matrix and even The Beatles on the grand screens in the back.

The cafe also has a huge film library, with over 40 titles on offer, as well as a wide selection of local and overseas films.

But despite its location in the heart of Shenango, the restaurant has been a staple in the area for decades.

Originally founded in 1911 by the late Robert Jervis, the cinema became known for its unique atmosphere, and even the opening of the cinema itself was a bit of a surprise.

It wasn’t until 1956 that the restaurant was bought by a local family, who in turn gave it a modern makeover, adding a modern interior and offering modern menus.

With this, the café has been serving up delicious fare from scratch for over 100 years.

A visit to the cafe today can give you a taste of what a cinema cafe is like.

It’s like a real time capsule of cinema history, with all the latest films and TV shows playing on the big screen, and a few other quirky treasures to be discovered along the way.

The film library has a collection of over 40 films on offer at the cafe, with titles such as The Twilight Zones, The Terminator, The Big Lebowski and more.

The menu at the cinema cafe has changed over the years, with classics like The Big Bang Theory, The Twilight Saga and even Batman Forever being featured on the shelves.

The restaurant is open daily from 11am to 10pm, but as with all cinema cafes, there’s always something to do on the weekends.

Sit back and enjoy a slice of cinema, while you catch up on the latest news and catch up with old friends.

How to watch a cinema cafe in Edinburgh

  • August 15, 2021

Cinema cafe owners have been told to shut down if they cannot keep up with the increasing demand for cinema in Edinburgh.

The city has become a film hotspot and the city’s cinema cafes are expected to open in the next few months.

The number of visitors to Edinburgh’s cinemas has doubled in the past two years, with the number of movie screenings at cinema cafes expected to increase by a further 3,000 over the next two years.

But cinemas in Edinburgh have had to turn to outside help in the form of advertising, with some cinemas having to use the advertising budget to cover the costs of running their cafes.

In a statement on its website, the cinema owners of The Edinburgh Cinema say they are taking the advice of the Edinburgh City Council and are working with advertising agencies to develop a plan to ensure they can keep up.

A spokeswoman for the Edinburgh Council said: “The Edinburgh City council is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for everyone in the city, including the people who use the facilities.”

It added that it has also increased its marketing budget by a total of £5.5m over the past 12 months, which includes new advertisements, promotions and other resources.She said: “We have also taken action to increase the number and range of advertising we put out to encourage more people to visit the city.”

Cinema owners in Edinburgh said they were looking at ways to stay afloat, and that it is not uncommon for them to be closed for weeks at a time.

Mum and Dad said they had already had to stop running their cinemas because of the influx of people.

They said:”It’s really hard for people who work in the industry, but also those who don’t, who have to go out and earn money for their families.”

It is very hard, and we feel like it’s going to come to an end.

“If we don’t make a decision about what we’re going to do, then it will be very hard to get through it.”

We feel like we have to keep going, even if we can’t do anything right now.

“Our cafe will continue to run, we are going to keep working and we will keep working to keep our cinema going.”

The only way to do that is to shut the place down, we’re not going to be able to do anything but that.

When will Leicester’s defence be ready?

  • July 5, 2021

On the brink of a major relegation battle, Leicester City’s defence is expected to be in flux after a week-long break.

With their players in Italy for their pre-season tour, the Foxes are set to return to England for the start of their Premier League campaign on Saturday against Norwich City.

Manager Claudio Ranieri has already indicated that the club will be playing in a 3-5-2 formation with goalkeeper Fraser Forster in the centre, while winger Jamie Vardy and winger Danny Drinkwater will be joined up with their centre-backs, both of whom were part of Leicester’s successful Europa League win over Sevilla.

And while the arrival of Vardy’s arrival will help the forward, it will also give Ranieri a fresh look in the backline, with new signing Adam Lallana expected to start at left-back.

Vardy has been praised for his performance against Sevilla and his goal against Arsenal in their Champions League last-16 tie was a brilliant performance by the 21-year-old, who scored the opening goal.

“Adam has been a big asset to our team,” Ranieri told the club website.

“I think he has played very well this season.

He is a young player and he has developed quickly.”

The Blues will be without their key players in the Premier League, while the likes of Chelsea’s Petr Cech and Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale are also expected to miss out on the game.

Meanwhile, the club are preparing for their Premier Conference opener against Norwich, with their manager set to be without the services of goalkeeper Fraser Weighill, who has been recovering from a hamstring injury.

But the defender is unlikely to be sidelined for much longer, with the former Tottenham and Chelsea man set to make his comeback in a matter of days, with a full return to action on Sunday.

“We’re working on that,” Raniersi told the Leicester website.

“He’s going to be a few days away from returning.”

Ranieri has yet to reveal a number of his team’s players for Saturday’s game, with defender Vardy, who is in his second spell with the Fox, being the only one of the trio to be named.

“He’s been in good form,” Raniere told reporters after Leicester’s 3-0 win over Bournemouth last Sunday.

“The way he played against Bournewale, it was fantastic.”

Rutgers goalkeeper Alex Cuthbert has also not been included in the squad, with his absence compounded by the absence of midfielder Charlie Davies.

The Foxes have been without their captain in recent weeks due to injury, with midfielder Kieran Trippier being one of his few teammates to play.

The 27-year is expected back against Norwich on Saturday and the Fox hope to have him fit to return.

But it’s unlikely that he will play in the match against Norwich.

“It’s not an easy game,” Ranier said.

“We have to do something with our goalkeeper.”

Kieran will be back for Saturday.

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