‘Cinema Free App’ will help you get to and from theaters in the US, UK and Australia

  • July 25, 2021

The “Cinemas Free App” is launching today, with the intention of making it easier for users to get to movies and shows without a ticket or a car.

The free app, available for iOS and Android devices, will be available to anyone with an account at AMC theaters, AMC Cinemas, AMC Travel and AMC Music stores.

The app will also be available on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV Stick devices.

The app will work with a range of AMC ticketing partners, including AMC Travel, AMC Music, AMC Movie and AMC Travel Club.

AMC Travel is the only partner AMC currently offers, with AMC Cinemases in the United States and AMC Movie in the UK.

“The apps will help people get to theaters more quickly,” said AMC Chief Marketing Officer Michael Pichot.

“We want people to experience AMC, AMC movies, and AMC music through the app.

We’ll also work with partners to make it easy for them to purchase tickets for AMC and AMC travel.”

With the launch of the new app, AMC and its partners are making it more accessible for users who don’t already have an AMC ticket or can’t use their own card to pay for tickets.

AMC is also adding an option to use the AMC Travel app on its own TV devices, which will allow users to purchase AMC travel and other travel packages through the AMC app.

The AMC app will offer the same options as AMC Travel for all customers with an AMC card, including buying tickets at a reduced price and getting to the theater as quickly as possible.

“With the new AMC app, users will be able to easily buy tickets and get to their theaters more easily, while still having access to a range a premium travel package,” Pichott said.

“This will help AMC fans get to the movies and music they love faster.”

For more information on the new apps, visit the AMC websites AMC Movie, AMC Theatre, AMC Video, AMC Online and AMC Ticketing.

The AMC app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and Google Play stores.

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