Why Danville Cinemas is not as big as it used to be

  • July 25, 2021

Danville, California (USAT) — Danville’s newest cinemas are only open to guests of all ages and income levels.

That’s good news for Danville residents who have been frustrated by the lack of options in other parts of the state. 

For years, Danville has been one of the largest film markets in California.

It’s home to many of the biggest and most well-known film companies in the country.

Now, Danzville’s biggest cinemas — Troypoint, Danbridge and Danville Valley Cinemas — are in disrepair. 

But that’s not the only problem: Many of the city’s older cinemas, such as the Danville Cinema, are not equipped to handle the demand of the summer season.

“We have to have our own people and people who know how to work with a budget, with technology, with people who can make a film, with the right equipment and people to go out and do that,” said Danzvater’s chief operating officer, David Kroll.

“And so we’re doing things to try to help.

We’re having a lot of renovations, we’re getting new stuff, and we’re trying to find ways to make things work.”

Kroll says Danville is not only struggling to keep up with the demand for its theaters but is struggling to maintain its staffs. 

“Our employees, our production folks, our crew, our marketing folks, they’ve been put in jeopardy.

We’ve got a lot on our hands right now,” he said. 

Kroll also blamed the lack. 

The Danville city council recently approved a $1 million loan from the state to help finance the construction of a new Danville City Center.

The city will have to pay back the loan by the end of July, but the loan could provide an additional $300,000 in funding.

Danville City Council member Mark Soskin says the city has been looking at ways to boost revenues in the area.

“I think the budgeting that we have in place has allowed us to be successful, so it’s something that we can do with that money,” Soskins said.

Soskin has said the Danvillians should invest in a theater system and hire more production crews.

He also wants to bring in some of the local artists and film festivals to Danville.

Danzville Mayor Scott Smith says Danzvillians deserve better.

“Danville has a very large moviegoing population and a lot more film theaters than other parts, and I think that is something that needs to be addressed,” Smith said.

“Danville needs to build its own facilities and have its own people, and our film community is a very important part of that.”

It’s not only a problem for Danvillers, it’s a problem all across California,” Smith added.

Danvillians are being asked to pay a fee for their tickets to the new Danzvik theaters.

The fee is estimated to run as high as $50, and some residents say they’re not sure what to do about it. 

Soskins says Danvillans are also being asked not to purchase any new film at the new theaters. 

However, the Danzviaree Cinema’s owner, Daniel Smith, says he’s not opposed to having the new theater built. 

Smith said he has invested in a new cinema in nearby Danville to keep the old Danzvais up to date with the newest movies.”

The city has said it will pay off the loan through the end for the new movie theaters and a renovation of the Danvila City Center, but that doesn’t mean it can’t face the next hurdle. “

The problem is, it’ll be over a decade later and theres still not a good moviegoing market in the whole state.”

The city has said it will pay off the loan through the end for the new movie theaters and a renovation of the Danvila City Center, but that doesn’t mean it can’t face the next hurdle. 

Danzvaters are also looking for new financing.

The Danzvila Film Festival is coming to the Danvillian community for its fifth season. 

Its co-director, Joe O’Sullivan, said the festival needs to expand its programming.

“For a lot, it doesn’t even have enough resources to be able do the level of production that it has,” he told FOXNews.

“So, we need to expand our programming.”

O’Sullivan said he hopes the Danvais can build a festival and a cinema together, similar to what happened in Portland, Oregon.

“The only way to do that is if we’re a part of a festival, and so we have to look to that,” he explained.

“That’s what we need.”

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