Which movie theaters are the best in the US?

  • September 14, 2021

Recode is celebrating the opening of the Valley Cinema in Los Angeles, which has more than 500 screens.

The Valley has some of the best movie theaters in the country, according to the website.

The movie theater also has the second-best rooftop movie experience, according the website TripAdvisor.

The Hollywood Hills has the fifth-best movie theater experience, while the Golden Gate Bridge is ranked 10th.

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How to spend your holidays with a few movies from the cinema

  • June 18, 2021

We’ve all spent our last holiday at home with friends and family and have been itching to go out to the cinema for some good old fashioned cinema viewing. 

It’s never been easier to get your cinema fix, thanks to a slew of new cinema-related apps that can be used to watch films in real-time on your smart device. 

And these new apps aren’t just limited to the big screen: they’re also available for phones and tablets, making it even easier to find the right movie to go with your holiday.

Here are our top picks for cinema-friendly apps, from the big screens to the home theater: Free Viewing: The Freeviewing app from Playlist is one of the most comprehensive movie-watching apps around, offering both movies you already own and new ones you may be looking for.

It’s also available on iPhones and Android, and features the most basic of features: You can browse through the catalogue of movies, but you can also watch in full 1080p, and the app offers a few different ways to add your own movies to the list: Watch a single movie at a time Choose a movie to watch from a library of more than 500 movies from across the globe Search by title, director, and actor Create a list of your favourite movies to watch You’ll have to purchase each movie individually, but the free app does include some basic film-watching features that will help you pick out the right film for you. 

 Watching a movie on a phone can be a pain, but this app from Playlist is easy to navigate, offering an interface that’s intuitive, and it also includes a handy feature called the ‘watch in full’ mode, which allows you to view the movie in full resolution on your device.

It also offers support for multiple video sources, so you can watch movies on both a big screen and your phone. 

Free viewing on a tablet can be hard, but Playbook is another great option if you’re not comfortable with the screen of your tablet, or are unsure how to watch a movie. 

You will need to sign in to your Playbook account to use the app, but it has a lot of features to make watching movies on a device a breeze. 

The app can also offer a handy interface that allows you pick a movie for you and watch it in full, as well as show you which movie you should watch next, if you want to get into it a bit. 

Get the latest news and reviews from the industry Readers love The Verge’s favourite apps for cinema watching are Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Play Movies, Apple TV, Microsoft Xbox, and Samsung Galaxy E-Book. Read more Read all our top picks for film-friendly apps here. 

Lights Out: LIGHTS OUT is a free movie app from Spotify that’s based on the music streaming service’s service and is available to the Spotify app on the Playstore, and on Android and iOS devices.

It has a list of the top films and TV shows in the UK, Ireland, and Canada, with a ‘Top 100’ list based on those top films. 

On a tablet, the app can be great at keeping you entertained. 

Its ‘Top Picks’ section features films from major movie festivals, such as SXSW, and films from smaller festivals such as Film Ireland. 

While you’ll need to buy the app individually, the ‘Buy Now’ feature will give you a list and an option to buy a movie from a Spotify playlist. 

Listen to live radio in your favourite podcaster’s car or radio With a Playlists feature, LIGHTS OUT can make it easier to listen to the radio in the car or on your favourite podcast, with the app also adding a new radio station to your playlist.

With its ‘Playlist’ feature, you can easily listen to a playlist of up to 20 music stations and podcasts. 

Spotify and Apple Music offer LITE, which is a great option for listening to music on the go. 

With LITE, you’ll be able to stream music to your favourite devices via your mobile phone or tablet, and then playlists of the songs can be downloaded to your phone or connected to your car’s speakers. 

‘Listen to’ radio on your phone This feature, which will only work on Android, will let you listen to radio stations without downloading them directly to your device, but is very handy for when you’re travelling or in the middle of a busy road trip. 

If you’re listening to a music station on your car, you will need a Spotify account to listen in the driver’s seat, but once you’ve connected your car to your home Wi-Fi network, the LIVE radio feature

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